Friday, September 3, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

Good day eh.

So on Wednesday night I was invited to go to the baseball game for the Edmonton Capitals.
I am not that big a fan of baseball, but any sport live i fell is great, baseball can be very slow though...
So I went, brought my camera along, since it's basically an extension of my body, and i had a really good time. There was ten of us in the group as seen in this fun photo.

Then I made some pictures of the players at bat, we were up in the stands a bit, but I still feel I made a few good pictures. I really enjoy sports photography, it can be very challenging to capture those precise moments as they happen you really have to know that they are going to happen before they actually do,
like in these two shots the ball has just been hit and blurred a bit because the ball is moving very fast.

So as well as making pictures of the players I also made some pictures David Drohan and Randi Taylor.
So n these two pictures you can see how I have dropped the aperture to 1.8 and 1.6 blurring everything except the subject. The one subject being David, not knowing he was being photographed, and the other the blanket with a blurred Randi and even more blurred background. I love playing around with the F-stop it can totally change a photograph.

Good day eh