Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In The Arms Of The Angel

Good Day again, ( two days in a row)

I have a lot of photos that I want to share, that means more blogging.

While in San Diego my Dad and I happened across the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery,
it overlooks the Bay of San Diego, and it is a very beautiful spot.

The lawn was well maintained and in the background you
can see the ocean.
I do not know who this person is, but I sat for a while thinking about who was
and the life he had.

The gravestones go on forever it seemed.

These flowers we left by one of the gravesides, I love to
see that, it shows that the people before us have not been forgotten.

We only spent a little bit of time here but I felt a great spirit on these grounds. I sat on the grass and thought about all the lives that have been sacrificed for freedoms in the U.S.A. and in Canada. Now this is not a World War specific gravesite but the people buried there have served in some way to help me, for my future to keep me free to choose my religion, my occupation where I live and the friends I associate with. It was a very humbling place to visit I am very grateful for all the people who have worked so hard and even given their lives to the betterment of our two countries and the world.

Great Day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take Another Ride On The Sunshine HIghway...

I love the cold and the snow and most all things related to winter and it snowed in Edmonton sunday night and monday morning. I was going to go out and make some pictures of the beautiful snow but then I decided to show some warm pictures from my trip to California from this summer. I figured that most people are not as weird as I am and you guys might be missing the warm weather, sunshine and shorts.
Please enjoy the warm photos.
Nothing says warm like a sunny beach( Ocean Beach ) and the warm sun.

Watching these guys Parachute surf was really cool, they would ride the waves and do cool jumps and flips.

Lombard Street- in San Francisco full of flowers and tourists.

I hope that these photos warm you up a little bit from the chilly weather we have just been hit with.

Good Day EH

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Are My Sunshine..

Good day eh!

It has been a little while since I have blogged, I am sorry to my fans for this, today I will showcase some of the fun work I have been able to make this fall.
I have a friend Darrien who planted a whole whack of sunflower seeds this past spring and her yard blossomed with them, it was a sight to see, it reminded me of the movie Jumanji when the house gets overtaken by the jungle. It was not so drastic but some of the plants grew about 15 feet tall, she has a green thumb for sure.

I was even able to catch a bee on the flower.

I love seeing the sun cut through leaves.

Bee again, ( I know it's not actually a bee, but close enough)

More sun cutting through and bursting out.

It was a really fun time being in this yard and see how awesome sunflowers can be, they are so pretty.

What's your favourite flower?