Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take Another Ride On The Sunshine HIghway...

I love the cold and the snow and most all things related to winter and it snowed in Edmonton sunday night and monday morning. I was going to go out and make some pictures of the beautiful snow but then I decided to show some warm pictures from my trip to California from this summer. I figured that most people are not as weird as I am and you guys might be missing the warm weather, sunshine and shorts.
Please enjoy the warm photos.
Nothing says warm like a sunny beach( Ocean Beach ) and the warm sun.

Watching these guys Parachute surf was really cool, they would ride the waves and do cool jumps and flips.

Lombard Street- in San Francisco full of flowers and tourists.

I hope that these photos warm you up a little bit from the chilly weather we have just been hit with.

Good Day EH


  1. i love san fran. and i love sun. hopefully it is sunny when you come visit!

  2. Thanks for the warm pictures! It definitely warmed me up a little on the inside while my outsides are still chilled from the cold temperatures outside. I love the first picture! Man, I cannot wait to go to California!

  3. I love the picture with the waves hitting the rocks. I think pictures like that are so great! You are really good at capturing great things brother.