Friday, December 17, 2010

I love it when children love the Camera

I love photographing children because they show you who they are. They don't worry about how they look or if their hair is messy. They really show themselves. It truly is amazing. Adults try to force the smile that will look good for the camera; kids show their true selves which you can see in these photos.

This is Tyler. He is so much fun to photograph, and he is so cute. He plays it up for the camera well as you can see.
Thomas is one of my favourite subjects to
capture. He loves being photographed, "David
take a picture of me jumping... falling... running".
This brings me so much joy.

Macey- She is always smiling and playing. She played with the leaves just
because there were leaves. 

This is Jamie's boy. Doesn't he make you smile? 

Olivia can be kind of a goof ball when the camera is out. It's great to be able
to capture her goofy.

Sam- he loves to pose just like Thomas. These kids are great. They would let me
take their pictures all day long. We make a good team because I could take
their pictures all day.
More posing from Thomas and Olivia in the background trying to get in the
More Tyler wearing a pull up diaper on his head.
What an entertainer.

In conclusion children are awesome!