Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring flowers make me smile

I have a fondness for wild flowers. They grow in lush valleys and on top of rocky mountain bringing beauty to areas that can seem dull and brown. I really like to photograph these flowers. The best way for me to do this is to get down on my stomach and see them at the level they live. I feel it adds a dramatic feel to the story of the flower.

A thistle growing in Nose Hill Park.

This is in Kananaskis just above Barrier Lake.

Kananaskis again (one of my favourite places). 
Guess where? That's right, Kananaskis.

This is overlooking Crate Lake in Oregon.

This is in southern Alberta as you exit Gargantua Cave.

This flower is also at the exit of the Gargantua Cave.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Same city just from a different angle

I love laying on the ground with my camera and shooting. It gives me different angles and people look at me oddly sometimes.. which I am OK with. I can get dirty sometimes but it usually worth it in the end.

The steel fence that surrounds the Knox United Church

I love how the bike rack makes a tunnel.
It is the beginning of May and the dandelions are in full bloom!
 .. So are the posers.

The steel grates are one of my favourite things in the downtown.

A frame of concrete for the roadway. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look Waaaaay Up...

Last weekend I was able to visit my birth city-- Calgary. Now I live in Edmonton so it's not that far away but I don't usually get the chance to go around with my camera and just shoot what looks great to me. I love the downtown of Calgary the buildings are just so powerful, some are very tall, others are made of all glass and a few are very old with spectacular architecture. All of these shots are taken from street level as I looked up at the high rises. 

Knox United Church

Here I am standing in the middle of 5th ave and third street facing east.

3rd St. 9th ave facing north.

9th ave and 3rd street facing east, hiding in the distance is the Calgary tower.