Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waterton- Where I go to see Beauty

Waterton is one of my favourite places to visit in Alberta. It has beautiful mountains, lots of wild flowers, waterfalls and incredible of wildlife. Being in Waterton just makes so happy- I feel alive there. It is so peaceful and rejuvenating. Whenever I am in need of some alone time or reflecting time the mountains are the first place I will head to. 

The wild flowers are very pretty in the spring time.
Black bears are very prominent in Waterton especially on the Red Rock Canyon road.
 I saw 8 bears on this trip. ( I was far away from them. Please don't get close
to the bears- they need space too).
Red Rock Canyon- this was my first visit here. It is a beautiful place and is great for anyone to visit.
The loop is only about 1km.

Blakiston Falls is also a short hike but into another world with a loud roar as
the water turns the corner and crashes down.

I don't know the name of this mountain but it is on the hike to Goat Lake and I came across a bear in the woods
soon after--- Do not hike alone... I went and bought bear spray the very next day.
Red Rock Canyon again. I will let the picture speak- it might communicate
better than I could.