Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If Machines Could Talk What Would They Say?

I love rusty old machines. They have so much life to them. The lives that some machines have seen, the stories they could tell if they could talk. I went on a search for old machines with my Dad in southern Alberta. Just south of Lethbridge we came across some pieces of history. (Please keep in mind that I am a big city kid and am illiterate in farming implements).
We found this piece of equipment abandoned on the edge of a field.
It make me think about the circumstances that led to it just being discarded.
Did he run out of gas, did he go in for lunch and have a heart attack, did the engine
break down or did he just give up and walk away because the land had sucked the life
out of him?...

Close up on a wheel. I wonder how many revolutions this wheel has made?...

The wheel  has sunk into the ground and the grass has started to devour it.
Links of some sort. I love the texture that the rust brings out.

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