Monday, July 4, 2011

Darkness is all around..

Last August I was invited by my Uncle Kelly to go caving in Gargantua (located in Southern Alberta). I have not been in too many caves and sometimes the thought of pitch black just makes me shiver. Once I got into the cave and saw the majesty it held I had no more fears (I also had a headlamp). There were water droplets all over the rocks, great big rooms and little tiny rooms. I would not feel safe in there if it were not for my uncle who is a guide for us through these caves. I don't want to write too much- I just wanted to get psyched up for the return trip this year.. back to Gargantua!

There is some repelling involved which makes my hands sweat and heart pump.

Kelly made sure everyone got the gear done up right.

Pretty water droplets.

Kelly is the tall one on the right.
The "Birth Canal" - the only way out of the cave.

 The next trip will be epic, better time and better pictures.


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  2. Cool pictures! You are more brave than me!
    The water droplet picture is really awesome.

  3. The Birth Canal... great photo and name!

  4. I love these! Kinda bummed I can't go this year :( Hopefully next year though!