Saturday, August 21, 2010

Second post! woowooo.

(A continuation of my trip)

Our next stop was San Diego, CA but on the way there we drove through Riverside, CA I took a picture of the city limits sign for my sister Kristi who has a missionary there.

I really enjoyed San Diego it is a very pretty city, and they have an awesome zoo, we spent an entire day at the zoo, seeing all sorts of animals. It was a very full day with lots of walking and wandering.
This is me in the jungle

So we decided to go elsewhere to eat lunch since the zoo food is usually more expensive.
My Dad and I had a restaurant that we had been wanting to go to ever since watching an episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives ( on the food network with Guy Fieri). The restaurant is called Hodad's now this is one of the best burgers i have ever had just loaded with everything, best of all lots and lots of bacon!! So my Dad took a picture of me trying to take my first bite, it was very awesome!
After our awesome meal, we went back to the zoo to work off the food we had just eaten.

So that was day one in San Diego
pretty fun so far eh?

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