Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drohan.. David Drohan. Man of Mystery

I have a friend named David Drohan. He is a great person to talk to because he has such a good knowledge of the world. He is fun to play games with including card games and board games. From my interactions with him I have found him to be a true gentlemen with a very kind heart. I am glad to know him.
David also has a great name (my name too). He loves the camera which I did not know. David has such a wide variety of facial expressions which show the different sides of his personality. It was a pleasure to photograph him.

I love the raised eyebrow serious face.
Half smile with a half question.

David laughing (I probably told a really good joke).
He just has the kind of face that makes you smile.
More quizzical glances from Drohan.
He looks good in any pose.

He is single ladies... Don't miss out.


  1. As per my last photo, I either plan on running for Mayor, or trying to sell your house. Very nice work David, if I do say so myself!

  2. ha ha! i love it! what a character!