Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's a Good Old Hockey Game

Good day all  you hockey fans! Part of my trip to Toronto of course included the Hockey Hall of Fame.
This is a very beautiful place, so much history is contained there. I saw an original hockey ticket from an Oilers playoff game the year that the Flames won the Stanley Cup. I loved seeing skates and sticks used by the hockey heros of olden time. If you love hockey this is a place to visit.

You know you have made it when you get on a Shreddies box eh.
Wayne Gretzky one of the greatest hockey players ever, and an incredible Canadian. 

It was awesome to see how much memorabilia they had here.

I walked by this picture casually thinking "hey this guy looks familiar' then I check the name... Don Cherry! I don't remember him that young and his suit does not look like drapes.

I don't remember when this game was but it's a super old picture. I am so amazed at the skill of the photographer that shot this. He really knew what he was doing. 

The loonie under centre ice. What a great moment in Canadian history. One of the exhibits had the "lucky Loonie" and you could reach your finger in and touch it, maybe getting some good luck, and a dirty finger...

Hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed my visit. These pictures are not stunning or unique in any way but I wanted to share these pictures and experience with my Cruther ( my cousin but really brother) Jared. He is one of the biggest hockey fans I have ever known. We have watched many hockey games cheering on the Flames through good and bad times. I know he will appreciate this blog so I decided to in a small way dedicate it to him and to our shared love of the great sport of hockey!

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