Monday, November 22, 2010

New Friends are the BEST!

I love making new friends. It feels so good to meet people and connect. I went to Toronto for 5 days with Carla to visit her friends Holly and Tyler. A big reason that my our visit was so incredibly awesome was because of these great people. They opened their home to us, shared food and their vehicle. They shared their love of photography, live theatre, live music and FOOD! I am privileged to have met them.

 We made many memories like trying on weird toques..


We shot lots of pictures of each other. You can see what Holly and Tyler shot at their blog-

I love being able to share my passion of photography with others. It brings a sense of fulfilment to my soul. I like sharing ideas and concepts with other photographers, creating a community to be able to talk with and shoot with. 
I have seen some groups of photographers who keep all their trade secrets to themselves trying to keep their edge in the market but they end up restricting themselves. I personally want to be able to learn from other photographers and to be able to share all my knowledge to help others just starting out.

How about it then? Are you willing to share with others what you have learned, not just in photography but in life to help everyone become better. Only good things can come from this. I am going to make an honest effort to do this. If you have stories that you would like to share about this I would love to hear them. 
Well, that was a fun speech. I love photography. I want to share it with others. That is that!!
Good day EH!


  1. i love it! oh, how we miss you guys. can't wait till christmas when we can play again ;)

  2. Great pictures. I'm glad you had such a great time in Toronto. For the sharing part, I'm not sure what I could do, but I'll think on it. Good job brother!

  3. Love the pictures -- as always! I'll think more on that sharing bit. I'll probably post something on my blog this week. That's a really good thought that should be put into practice more often.