Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Old Friends are Great Too!

I have decided to show you some of my old friends since I have talked about new friendships.
I went through old albums and see what I could find of my old friends. 

I did not really think of myself of having a lot of friends but looking back on my albums from the last five years I feel really good seeing all the great times I have had. I think I will do a sequel to this post because I have found more pictures of friends that I expected. 

OK lets get to the pictures, I know that's why you are all here.

My friend Thomas enjoying some great water from a Nalgene water bottle on a pretty lake. ( When he saw that I was going to take a picture he turned the bottle for a product placement)
This is Kaleena I have helped her dye her hair a few
times. We always have a blast doing it.
Thomas- We created Harvey Dent( Two Face) for his
Halloween costume it was so much fun the one side of
him is burnt to a crisp the other is neat and tidy.

I don't remember how Thomas and I started to hang out but we have become great friends over the years including many adventures all over Alberta. This shot was taken at Hell's Gate Grande Cache.

Emily- Although I call her Elimy for
some reason going back many years she
is my oldest friend. We have know each
other since JR. High. 

Jared... I know this picture does not look real but it is he climbed all the
way to the bottom of the Natural Bridge. He has a great sense of adventure.

Thomas also plays the drums. He does not like his picture taken unless he
has something cool to be doing in it. How cool is playing the drums?
Way cool
Sometimes Elimy gets eaten by lions

Kaleena has been my model for the
last year or so, she is very pretty and
likes to be photographed.
Darcy with his girlfriend. She was rough around the edges but they loved
each other.

Ian- We have so many great things in common starting with rock climbing. Before he left on his mission for the Church we would climb very regularly. We both had a good drive and would push each other to our limits and then push more.

Elimy- Best friends 4 life!
Jared has a way with the ladies. He is tall, handsome
he can dance and he is super buff. Not sure if you
can tell but he is spinning Sharlyn and posed for me
right after. 

Thomas has been my adventure subject. He is a fantastic skier and likes to play. This shot is at Sunshine in Banff. He is about 15-20 feet in the air off this cliff. 
This is my favourite picture of Darcy. He just likes to have a good time.
We have been room mates for 3 years. I have really appreciated him
through those years.

Darcy also likes adventure and doing some crazy things, I am glad I have been there to capture so much of it.
Ian- In this shot he is long boarding in a parking garage. He would take the corners at some high speeds.

I have been blessed with many memories and great friendships. 

I would like some feedback on this blog style, where I have a caption on every picture. What do you think of this? Do you feel it flows well? Is there another way that would work better? I am curious what you readers think. 
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  1. I was a little disappointed not to see any related people among your friends. Just kidding. The comments for each picture are a must and very well done. You use an honesty in your comments that add to the experience. Keep it up.

  2. i LOVE the last one. i LOVE long boarding.

  3. Lurved it! There are definitely a few folks in there that I miss tremendously. Dude, I like how the comment and photo are framed together. Nice touch. *thumbs up*